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My Mission

Regrettably, sexuality is frequently overlooked in the realm of personal growth. I'm committed to altering this oversight.

I aim to create an environment where discussing sex, delving into personal desires, accepting one’s body, and having thorough knowledge of one’s genitals is a standard aspect of self-awareness and self-care.

This way, everyone can learn to experience and take pleasure in their sexuality without the burden of shame, societal expectations, and conventions.

Portrait of the sex therapist Nina Jost

My qualifications

As a sexologist with a consulting background in innovation, I bring a wide range of knowledge and skills to my practice.

  • Sex therapy and sexological counseling in my own practice since May 2022

  • Research assistant at the IAP Institute for Applied Psychology at the ZHAW in research and innovation projects since March 2022

  • Master's degree in Sexology at the ISP Zurich in cooperation with the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (2021-2024)

  • Research assistant at RWTH Aachen University in research and teaching in the fields of gender studies, identity, motivation and innovation (2011-2014)

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business administration at RWTH Aachen University and the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal (2006-2012)

My approach

To provide effective assistance, it's essential for me to gain a precise understanding of who you are and the specifics of your circumstances. This is why I initiate every therapy or consultation session with a thorough assessment of your challenges and a personalized evaluation of your situation.

We'll determine the areas in which you seek my support. Following that, we'll establish mutual objectives and outline explicit steps for learning and development. I am equipped to guide you through this journey on an individual basis or as a couple.

The length and regularity of our sessions will be tailored to suit your unique requirements and background. Rest assured, I will adjust to your rhythm and offer my support for as long as you find it beneficial.

My methods and techniques

The cornerstone of my practice is the belief that everyone possesses innate resources that can be tapped into to enhance their sexual well-being. My primary methodology is the Sexocorporel approach, which is a concept founded on the World Health Organization's model of sexual health. It is designed to offer effective, precise tools for the betterment of sexual behavior and experience.

In both therapy and counseling, I utilize a blend of talk therapy and behavioral therapy techniques. Recognizing that sexuality is inherently expressed through the body, I integrate mindful awareness and physical exercises in each session. We collaboratively select exercises that are most appropriate for your individual needs and issues. This is rooted in the profound understanding that the body and mind are an integrated whole, influencing all aspects of sexuality. Through this process, clients are empowered to progressively transform their sexuality to meet their own needs.


​​Let’s start together now

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