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My contribution to your fulfilling sexuality



Sex therapy or sexological counseling?

Sexuality is a multifaceted and individual experience that is sometimes accompanied by difficulties. To help you overcome these challenges, I offer sex therapy and sexological counseling. But what is the difference between these two services?

The line is blurred and follows what is defined as "healthy" sexual functioning.

Individual sex therapy

Sex therapy is an in-depth approach and aims to treat sexual problems or disorders. These can be physical, emotional or psychological challenges that affect your sexual experience.

As your sex therapist, I can support you with the following issues and symptoms:

  • Lack of sexual desire

  • Lack of response to sexual stimuli

  • Inability to control or increase sexual arousal

  • Difficulty or inability to achieve orgasm

  • Erectile dysfunction or failure to achieve an erection

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Pain during sexual intercourse

  • Excessive libido

  • Distressing sexual fantasies

  • Unwanted sexual fetishes

  • Compulsive sexual behaviors

  • Sexual aversions and fears

Processing sexual traumas​

Sexological counceling

Sexual counseling is more advisory in nature and focuses on education and coaching regarding sexual matters. It is ideal for individuals seeking information, advice, or guidance on specific aspects of their sexuality.

As a sexual counselor, I support you with the following topics and challenges:

  • Sexuality education and training

  • Safe and consensual handling of sexuality

  • Questions relating to sexual orientation or sexual identity, including asexuality

  • Support for coming out processes

  • Talking about sexuality in an age-appropriate way

  • Understanding and communicating sexual desires

  • Seduction strategies

  • Sexuality in long-term relationships

  • Sexuality and menopause

  • Navigating non-traditional relationship structures, e. g. polyamory

Dealing with external relationships and affairs

Invest in your sexual health

Our work together is an investment in your sexual health and well-being. You can take advantage of my help as an individual or in a couple's setting. Please note the following prices for my offers, whether on site in the practice or online via videocall:

CHF 135.- / 55 minutes

CHF 210.- / 85 minutes


Note: The costs are currently not covered by health insurance or private insurance.


Financial concerns should not stop you:

If your financial resources are limited, please write to me. We will then look together at what options may be available. It is important to me that everyone in need gets help.


Let’s start together now

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